Inner beast

Joubert shifts his focus from his identity to his inner demons that haunt him. An inner demon is something that you personally struggle with in your own mind. These demons are formed by situations and circumstances currently and from the past.

The limiting and negative nature of inner demons is what gives their name meaning. It is an inner belief, set of ideas or understanding about life that when talked about seems easy for others to deal with, but when trying to work around it yourself, manifest past it or just try to be alone with it, you feel you are at war with your own mind. It is always something that one must understand and repair on their own, as it is in their mind alone that the war rages. No matter the supportive and obvious words of others, we fight the battle alone and win by our own mind’s strength and ingenuity.

Joubert seeks to unveil his demons to himself through self reflection and capturing them visually he seems to have better inner dialog and feel better at negotiating life’s innate difficulties. When in control, your demon causes you to feel ill at ease and constantly bothered no matter where you end up in society.

These portraits of himself reflect the inner demon using notions of animals, death and reborn with plants. By using a drawing technique of removal from a blacked out paper Joubert uncovers his demons stripping away from his physical appearance and revealing it. The plants are a symbol of growth by understanding his demon and where it came from.