Gold Rush

Gold was discovered in the Johannesburg area in 1886, setting off a mass migration of people from all over the world into the settlement to find gold. 

After studying for 4 years at Potchefstroom University, Joubert moved to Johannesburg to start his career (catalysing his own personal gold rush.) Within the first week of living in Johannesburg, he fell in love with the city. 

Much like the permanence of the ink that Joubert uses, Johannesburg has left its own mark on him. The ink blotches represent his own growth onto the city and just like watermarks on a ceiling, the life rings of a tree and something growing in a petri dish, so develops his love for Jozi.

Like the multi-faceted layers that create Johannesburg, Joubert adds another layer to some works by silk-screening the surrounding map of the artwork’s location onto the piece. The map dissects the image apart as if someone is attempting to discover more about the place.